the crushers is a young post-grunge alternative rock band


The Crushers formed in late Spring of 2015. Friends for many years, the Godbout and Brennan brothers played on the same Sterling Little League Baseball team - the Pandolph Perkins Crushers.  The boys discovered that they had a mutual interest in playing rock music.  An informal jam was scheduled.  The boys had fun and decided to keep playing together.  All of the boys agreed that The Crushers was the perfect name.

They practiced often and were having fun.  They learned about City Music's Future Stars Showcase.  They made a demo video and applied to play.  In April 2016 they took the stage for the first time together.  Their tight performance at the 2016 Future Stars Showcase caught the standing room only crowd at the Bull Run by surprise. When they closed with a cover of Metallica's iconic Enter Sandman they received a standing ovation.

The two sets of brothers continued to practice together.  But, they agreed they needed a true singer to be front man.  Enter James Barone. James was well known in Sterling as strong singer in school musicals and church.  In December 2016, James took the microphone in the Godbout's basement practice space and completely nailed his debut with the band.  The Crushers were now a band of 5.

They entered the 2017 Future Stars Showcase.  They broke the showcase record for ticket sales then brought the house down again. Based on their strong performance, noted Central Mass music-man Steve Gaetz vouched for the boys and helped them get a featured spot in the Gardner Alehouse's Musical Wasabi. The Crushers rocked the Alehouse regulars and filled the house with their own loyal following.